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The Secrets of Drift Away - How Dobie Gray Wrote and Recorded His Masterpiece

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of OGE004, FR012 Julien Sandre "Melancholia", FR010 David Gtronic & Lorenzo Chiabotti "Loose Knobs", FR008 Bolumar 'Monsieur 8' Ft Funk E and Jerome.C remixes, CVS004 Suinyl, CVS001 Percunta, CVS002 TSN, OGE005 Iuly.B, and 31 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography 177.26 GBP or more (25% OFF) Send as Gift credits from FRVA004, released April 14, 2023 license all rights reserved tags Tags electronic house breaks dub techno United Kingdom Shopping cart subtotal USD taxes calculated at checkout Check out about OGE Music Group UK

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America has been drifting away from its Judeo-Christian values for decades, moving toward a kind of cultural socialism that makes promises it cannot keep. On this Focus on the Family broadcast, Dr. Erwin Lutzer describes how this socialist movement is deceiving many Americans with propaganda and how Christians need to respond with Biblical truth, courage, and love. Dr. Lutzer covers various topics that include critical race theory, freedom of speech, cancel culture, and the sexual revolution.

Thermally pulsing asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars suffer mass loss which leads to the formation of a circumstellar shell of gas and dust. At the end of the AGB phase, mass-loss stops and the circumstellar shell begins to drift away from the star. Assuming the velocity of the AGB wind has been relatively constant, the history of mass loss during the AGB phase is imprinted on the dust shell of the post-AGB envelope. By studying the distribution of matter in these circumstellar shells we can gain a better understanding of the mass-loss processes involved in the evolution of these stars. Using far-infrared (IR) ISOPHOT images of the circumstellar shells of the Egg nebula and AFGL 618, we showed that dust shells can be imaged out to a radius of 2-3 pc, and that these dust shells show evidence for episodic enhancements in the mass loss with a period of 104 years. Here, we present radiative transfer (RT) models of the dust shell around the Egg nebula using the 1-d RT code DUSTY which has been modified to include heating by the ISRF

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